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No Job Too Big or Too Small! With GOD All Things Are Possible!

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Our goal at P&G Computers is to make your computer run like it did when it was new. We will not only fix your computer, but we will also teach you how to prevent further problems. This is done by a series of steps which will be shown to you after your computer is serviced.

We do three kinds of work here at P&G Computers, If you want us to do a great job at a cheap rate we wont be in much of a hurry to get the job done. If you want us to do a great job and are in a rush, we will move you up in line. However the price wont be cheap. If you want us to rush and want us to be cheap, don''t expect our best work. It takes time to work on a computer, sometimes patience is necessary. We do our best to work on a system in the order it was received. Sometimes we can give a estimate and time for pickup. Sometimes our schedule is so busy that we just have to call when its done. We hope you are willing to give us a try, we have many references and have been doing business for years. God bless.